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Chicago Police Board
Criminal Justice

Thursday, June 20, 2024
7:30 p.m. — 8:30 p.m. CDT

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3510 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60653 (Directions)

Public Safety Headquarters

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Live reporting by William Garcia

There is a strong correlation between Chicago police officers’ mental wellbeing and the likelihood that they will violate policy, according to findings from the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter
Hi, I'll be live-tweeting this evening's Chicago Police Board meeting for @CHIdocumenters #CHIdocumenters

07:17 PM Jun 20, 2024 CDT

Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 2/34
Tonight's meeting is being held at Public Safety Headquarters (3510 S Michigan Ave) and broadcast on CAN-TV. A stream is available at
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 3/34
Meeting Agenda:
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 4/34
The meeting begins at 7:30pm. The attendees of the Board (including two new members), Police Department, and other groups are recognized and introduced.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 5/34
We are starting with a presentation from the U of C Crime Lab on predicting police conduct.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 6/34
U of C studied the psychological effects of violence on community members and police officers. Trauma exposure may increase risk of suicide and policy misconduct.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 7/34
The U of C Crime Lab built a statistical tool to predict police misconduct based on past patterns.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 8/34
U of C studied 5 years of past information on officers (e.g., complaints and arrest records). Their model attempts to predict risk of policy conduct over next two years. The model predicts a small number of high-risk officers, which appears to be confirmed by actual outcomes.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 9/34
On- and off-duty officer risk are correlated. Some departments like the LAPD implemented initiatives concerned with improving officer mental health. The results suggest reduced misconduct and increased community ties.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 10/34
More on the U of C research:
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 11/34
Meeting minutes from May 16th are approved by the Board.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 12/34
The Board reviewed past closed meeting minutes and approved deletion of recordings older than 18 months.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 13/34
Next meeting: July 18th.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 14/34
Update on the arbitration discussion: Next the FOP to file its opening brief, copy will be updated to Police Board website.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 15/34
2023PB3027 recommended discharge during off-duty domestic incident. Police Board votes against the Supt's action to only suspend the officer.
2023PB3026 recommended discharge for conduct unbecoming a PO on-duty. Supt recommended suspension. Police Board approves.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 16/34
Next: Appeals by disqualified applicants to become CPD officers. Most disqualifications are confirmed by the Board. One disqualification is reversed.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 17/34
The Board notes their decisions are uploaded to their website.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 18/34
The Board notes they received one comment regarding a proposed policy. The suggestions were implemented.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 19/34
The Board provides some updates on Requests for Review, details at:
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 20/34
Supt Snelling gives his update. He discusses the recent shooting of a 7-year-old and today's murder of a retired officer.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 21/34
Supt Snelling says community members can visit and share crime information with the police.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 22/34
COPA Chief Administrator Kersten says about 15% about COPA's completed investigations result in sustained officer allegations. Kersten supports initiatives implemented by LAPD discussed earlier during the U of C Crime Lab presentation.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 23/34
Public comment time.
Resident of 7400 block of Calumet and a block club president. Thanks their local District officers. They discuss two businesses on 75th and their loud parties and ask for more help from CPD.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 24/34
Resident of Greater Grand Crossing. They thank help from local police districts especially regarding some bars along 75th St. They ask officers to get out of their vehicles and make sure citizens working with CPD don't face retaliation.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 25/34
A resident of the 6th District discusses an issue with a neighbor and their fireworks displays, which are held in the middle of the street. They say the sparks from the fireworks land on their building.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 26/34
Parking issues near 76th and Langley. They say local residents have reported illegal parking. This causes a dangerous situation for elders in the cul-de-sac if they need emergency services.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 27/34
Sharing a recent experience with CPD when getting a parking ticket.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 28/34
Questions if the U of C model can be extended for use in CPD hiring practices. They are a resident of 71st Street and discuss recent violence in the area. They welcome the new Board members and ask for additional police resources in the area.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 29/34
A park supervisor in Englewood discusses a recent Safe Summer event in the community. They thank CPD for showing up to their community event and discuss how violence victims can easily become offenders.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 30/34
A local pastor discusses the family impact on youth violence and the pain of losing a child to violence.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 31/34
A West Side resident discusses a local drug spot. They have made over 90 calls to the 15th District and were asked to stopped calling. Supt Snelling asks them to stay after the meeting to talk further.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 32/34
Comments about the CPD Affinity Program and Rainbow cars approved by the program. They are saying other disenfranchised groups were not recognized by this program. They say the cars don't look like police cars.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 33/34
The meeting is adjourned at 8:50 PM.
Bill Garcia @BillGDocumenter 34/34
This concludes my coverage for @CHIdocumenters. #CHIDocumenters Please see for more information. Reply to this thread or DM me with any questions.


By India Daniels 6/20/2024



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Chicago Police Board

The Chicago Police Board is an independent civilian body that oversees various matters of the Chicago Police Department, mainly deciding disciplinary cases involving police officers or members of the department, and nominating candidates for Superintendent of Police. The nine individuals who sit on the board are appointed by the mayor.

If you’re attending a Police Board meeting in person, be prepared to go through security. You may hear graphic descriptions of violent events or loud verbal protest from members of the public.

Remote meetings may be viewed at https://cantv.org/watch-now/ or on CAN-TV, Chicago cable channel 27. The video recordings are later posted on Youtube and previously on CAN TV’s YouTube within a day or two.

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